Curriculum Vitae

Tiendrebéogo Charles Nomwendé



Date and place of birth:

02-03-1985, Bereba, Burkina Faso

Resident in Switzerland since 2015

Tel: +41 779870977


Nationality: Burkinabè


artistic background

2017- Actor at Divadlo Continuo Theatre.

2015-2018 Master's degree in physical theatre from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri Switzerland

August 2016 Participation in the ARIA training course in Corsica

2013 - 2015 Regular artistic collaboration with Ildevert MEDA, theatre master, to broaden its theatrical capacity.

2014 - 2015 E.L.A.N./Burkina Faso Laboratoire des RECREATRALES

2010 - 2013 Licence in theatre at the École Supérieure de théâtre Jean-Pierre Ginganné /Burkina Faso



Artistic experience


*As an assistant director


-POLEDNE/NOON: Physical Theatre, directed by Pavel Stourac (January-March 2018)


- At the crossroads of our dreams: text by Ildevert Meda and directed by Ildevert Meda and Luca Fusi August - September 2015.


-Hunger strike: Text by Ildevert Meda and directed by Ildevert Meda and Luca Fusi (April-May 2014).




*As an actor

 - Etat Frontière, from and by Christophe TOSTAIN, Frebruary 2019. 

Théâtre de Lisieux, France

Amnesty International, lycée Millet Cherbourg

Avignon, Festival 2019, Théâtre Artéphile


- MEA CULPA,( A physical theater) the result of my master's project at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Tenda, Teatro Dimitri Switzerland

Promes Land Festival, Continuo Divadlo Theater Czech Republic

70th Anniversary of the ITI, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Fact Festival Budapest, Hongie

Katapult-Festival, Kulturraum Thalwil, Switzerland

XXIV semaine de la Francophonie, Bellinzona, Switzerland,

Teatro Dimitri, Switzerland

NoD, Prague

Divadelní svět Brno 

Košice VIRVAR Festival

Hradec Kralovè

Loutkařská Chrudim

Letní filmová škola


-Please leave a message (PLAM),physical theater, created by Continuo Divadlo Theater and Pavel Stourac.

Kolin, Czech Republic

Berlin, ACDU Theatre

Galérie Klénova




Abel S. "an adaptation of "The Schroffenstein Family" by Heinrich Von Kleist: Directed by Serge Nicolaï (August 2016)

Olmi Capella, Corsica


Léonce et Lena" by Georg Büchner: Directed by Fabrice Michel (August 2016)



- Insomnia,  (physical theater, live music, pupets,)Directed by Pavel Stourac, 2016. And played:

Dimitri/Verscio Theatre

Venice Open Stage Festival, Italie

Divaldo Continuo Theatre / Czech Malovice Czech Republic

SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER festival in Brno

Katapultfestival Thalwil, Suissse

FACT Fesztival in Budapest

Teatro Foce, Lugano


- Griffe de panthère: Adaptation of the stories by Ildevert MEDA and staging by Ildevert Meda and Charles Ouattara (May-June 2015).

Théâtre International de Ouagadougou Carrefour (CITO)


- Kêlè Magni: Adapted from Ildevert Meda, from''Il n'y a pas de petite quarrel'' by Amadou H. BA and directed by Thierry Oueda (Festival la ''Ruche'' 2015, March-April). Cartel/Ouagadougou


-Master puntilla and his valet Matti: Text by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Manfred and DR Ahmadou Mandé (FITMO 2014).

Gambidi/ Ouagadougou Cultural Space

Bamako (Mali) representation of FITMO/Ouagadougou


La daba: Written and directed by Noël Minoungou (awareness-raising theatre in Mooré) (December 2013 - January 2014).

Villages in Burkina Faso

Gambidi Cultural Space (during the International Theatre Day)


-Uncle Dindin: Adaptation and staging of Alougbine Dine by George Dandin de Molière (October 2013).

Gambidi Cultural Space


-The story of a soldier Adaptation and staging by Manfredi Rutelli and Luca Fusi, according to Stravinsky and Ramuz "Story of a soldier" (June 2012).

Cartel season/Burkina Faso

Gambidi Cultural Space

Filarmonica di Romana/ Rome, Italy

Laquila theatre/ Italy

Schmelz Kultur Stengerfort/ Luxembourg

Teatro Dimitri/ Switzerland

Frankfurt International Theatre / Germany

Arsenale Teatro Milano/ Italy


-The smell of the past (Hermass Gwaguidi): Directed by DR Hamadou Mandé (March 2012).

Gambidi Cultural Space

University Theatre Festival of Benin


Important artistic positions

- June 2018- Creation of my solo piece "MEA CULPA", a show based on my master project.

- June 2017- Conference-performance in Verscio, Switzerland. Research and conference as part of my master project "On the theatrical use of the African mask".


Good to know

-Since 2014, Menbre de l'Institut international du théâtre. World Organization for the Performing Arts ITI-ID 041000451