This one is a performance with my classmates (Master in Accademia Teatro Dimitri)


The title is INSOMNIA. Directed by Pavel STOURAC and produced by Accademia Teatro Dimitri 

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Insomnia directed by Pavel Stourac.

Seven young artists that live in a loft in the industrial city district, are searching for job. They share the space, food and their ideas about life and art. They dream of a better world and of revolutionizing the art, creating an unforgettable show that will bring them to glory - or at least earn

Teacher of physical theater
Director of Divadlo Continuo Theatre (Malovice, in Tcheque Republic)

  • Insomnia team

  • Alessandra Francolini

  • Annette Fiaschi

  • Robert Andres Diaz Diaz

  • Santiago Bello

  • Tereza Slavkovskà

  • Charles Nomwendé

  • Igor Mamlemkov

  • Collective Insomnia / physicaltheatreinsomnia

"I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them." - Pina Bausch

last performances of INSOMNIA

12. Janv., 2018


Teatro Dimitri at Verscio, in Switzerland

18-19. Janv., 2018


Teatro Foce ,Lugano, in Switzerland